About Chef Nick

Nick, the founder and executive chef of Rosemarie's, is a culinary expert with over 15 years of experience. After serving in the Army and completing his Bachelor of Science, Nick pursued his passion for cooking by attending culinary school and working alongside renowned chefs. He trained in Asia and managed numerous restaurants, constantly striving to elevate his culinary skills.

In 2018, Nick launched his first concept, offering successful catering, popup, and farmers-market operations, even during the challenging times of Covid closures. Expanding into Arizona, he partnered with popular bars and breweries, establishing a street food concept tent operation that garnered attention and praise from publications like the Arizona Republic and Phoenix New Times.

Nick's journey led to the birth of Rosemarie's in San Diego, a thriving mobile kitchen concept that gained local media recognition, including the San Diego Reader. With a team of talented chefs, he continues to operate this successful venture and has recently opened a brick-and-mortar gastropub, providing a fun and family-oriented atmosphere where his exceptional slider creations can be enjoyed by all.